Wild Rose Press
278 Pages
Women’s Fiction
Rating: 4 cups

Leila Solomon is a single mother estranged from her Egyptian family for getting pregnant out of wedlock. She moved to Florida and lives with her childhood friend Deena with her daughter Mia. She works at a medical clinic as an assistant and part time with Deena in her real estate business. She tries to focus on her daughter, but one day walking home from the beach while passing her favorite house, Harbor House, she sees the most gorgeous man holding a small boy and a woman she assumes is his wife. Leila wants to reconnect with her family but is not sure how it would work with her domineering father. A few days later the gorgeous man shows up at her job with at the medical clinic with his son. He seems to flirt with her, which confuses her, as she thinks he is married to the woman she saw him with.

Aiden Stone is a famous nature photographer and father to AJ, who has down syndrome and has a lot of health issues. Tyra is his friend and co-parent to AJ, but they are not together as a couple. They met when AJ’s mother abandoned him at the hospital in the NICU. She had told Aiden he was the father and Tyra was the social worker in charge of AJs case. He sees Leila for the first time at the medical clinic when she calmed down a spiraling AJ. Normally AJ does not take to strangers, but he falls under Leila’s, and later on Mia’s, spell and it is not until a couple of accidental run ins later that he realizes she thinks he and Tyra are a couple. After they meet he has to deal with the reappearance of AJ’s mother and threats of a custody battle.

Leila, Aiden, Tyra and Deena all work together to deal with Gina, AJ’s mother. Leila also reconnects with her cousin, Niveen and finds out her mother is in bad health and needs surgery but has refused treatment. Between Niveen and her Aunt Amal, Leila makes arrangements to go home and see her mother. She also plans to see the man who fathered Mia, who has no idea that the one time they were together resulted in a child.

I enjoyed this book and Leila and Aiden’s story of gravity and the amount of force it can have on a relationship. Most couples have a more traditional origin story and are able to build a base together before they deal with adversity together. Leila and Aiden have an instant attraction that neither can deny, but they start out dealing with adversity and have to fight to get to a stable place to be able to stay together and not take anything for granted.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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