ISBN #: 9780062642455
September 2018
William Morrow
403 Pages
Literary Fiction
Rating: 4 cups

Sarah Blake is an author, once a best seller, but now struggling. She desperately needs an idea for a new novel.  She finds it in the belongings of her late great grandfather who was a steward, lost when the Lusitania sunk.

Caroline Telfair Hochstetter is the wife of a self-made man who is becoming more and more distant.  She hopes the trip on the Lusitania will bring them closer together.

Tennessee Schaff is also travelling on the Lusitania, in second class. She is posing as the artist Tess Fairweather on her way home to Devon, but in reality she is a con-woman and forger working on her last job with her partner, her sister.

In 1915 the Lusitania was torpedoed and sunk, killing 1,198 of the 1,959 on board. Why, is a mystery.  In this novel three very different women with a connection to the ship, tell their stories. Sarah is a down on her luck author who finds inspiration in her late great grandfather’s effects who was a steward on the doomed ship. Caroline is a Southern Belle married to a wealthy industrialist. She wants to rekindle her marriage, but is drawn to a man from her past. Tess is a con-woman and forger after a priceless piece of music in Caroline’s possession. She is determined to go straight and is beginning to have doubts about her sister and partner Ginny.

I enjoyed this novel and the way the lives of the three women intertwined despite differences in class and time. The three authors work together seamlessly, creating memorable characters and a compelling plot. The three main characters are very vividly written, so much so that I had no problem picturing them and even hearing them speak. The plot is a wonderful combination of romance and intrigue set in one of the most tragic maritime disasters in history. I read this book in one sitting.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


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