ISBN#: 9781934912683
August 2014
Black Lyon Publishing, LLC
140 Pages
Sweet ‘small town’ romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Keighley Woodson doesn’t claim to be a psychic, but rather an intuitive who has great listening skills and offers emotional support to her clients. She seldom leaves her hundred year old family home, protecting her heart from harm. She soon finds a man, who has a dark cloud over his head, and helps him remove it. When she finds out his secret, she’s crushed, and wants to hide in her home, yet her beloved grandfather helps her see the truth.

Connor Jakes is a writer who sets out to create a story on fake psychics, until he meets Keighley, and finds she’s anything but a fake. Her warm heart soon captures his, and he must decide whether to write the tale, or face up to the fact that her magic comes from within.

Fortune Teller’s Garden is a sweet romance with two loving and sensitive people. It’s a contemporary romance where the hero has a hidden past that haunts him when it comes to love, and a heroine who finds out his hidden agenda, and struggles to understand his actions.

An enjoyable tale that will tug on your heartstrings. I found it warm and refreshing. If you’d like a ‘feel good’ story, this one’s for you. The characters are loving and caring, and you will find them the perfect couple in the end. I like how Keighley takes such good care of her grandfather, and how their friends back them up. The sensual romance is done in your imagination only, and the story can be read by ages 14 and up.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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