Rescue Series

  • Book 1:  Summer With Sexy

Forever Rescue:  Book 1
BIN: 010144-03293
January 2022
Changeling Press
93 Pages
Erotic Romantic Comedy
Rating: 3 Cups

Zoe Pappas comes from a close-knit and protective Greek family. She works in a corset store to save for college, and also fosters rescue dogs.

Gordon Haigh comes from a very wealthy family. His uncle hates him for some reason and has cut him off due to a clerical mishap that kept him from graduating from college.

Gordon’s Uncle Charles has decided to punish him for not taking a required class and having to take a summer class, even though it was an advisor’s error and not his own. He is also told he is now the Assistant Manager at Albrit’s Corsets, and must follow the dress code. Zoe and her coworkers are in for a surprise when they meet their new boss, who soon becomes Zoe’s roommate.

This is a pretty entertaining short story. The premise is kind of out there, a corset store where the employees are required to wear what they sell. The author does make it work, though I admit I visualized bits of Rocky Horror when they put Gordon in full makeup to go with his corset. Their interaction with the rescue dog Sexy were sweet, and I enjoyed reading about Gordon’s introduction to the Pappas clan. Gordon’s family was appropriately snooty and cold, except for his cousin Sandy. Everything works out in the end although I would have loved to have seen Gordon get his revenge.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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