ISBN 01055503440
December 2022
Changeling Press LLC
45 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romantic Comedy
Rating: 5 Cups

Fieren is a very nice man, who is full of fire. He is a man who attracts women like a magnet, but his eyes are obviously turned towards the sweet heroine. The fire he puts in their affair is one that any woman would crave from a man even though he is fast moving.

Isla is a sweet woman who believes she is made of ice, until her heart begins to melt around the fire of the gorgeous hero in this story. Her attraction is fast and her response unpretentious – as she is a brave woman.

This story is unique; it is fast and Santa is the match maker from heaven. The two characters are obviously attracted and pulled together very fast, making the story a short romance in progress. It is sweet and humorous with light comedy within it. 

The book allowed me to relax and have a good read for a little while – allowing me to see the world of Santa under different eyes. Everything seemed to be dressed in Christmas and there seemed to be a joyful spirit of love and happiness through the entire story. It was an enjoyable and fun read.

Christine Baely
Reviewer Coffee time romance & More

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