Calhoun Customs Garage Series

  • Book 1:  Overdrive
  • Book 1:  Fast Lane

Calhoun Customs Garage, Book 2
Juanita Kees
ISBN# 978-1-950510-74-0
July 2019
Tule Publishing
208 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Trinity is in her last race at Daytona Beach. She wants to win this race, but with only a few laps left she is taken out by another driver who was hitting cars to get through to the finish. Knocked unconscious, is it her brother she sees, or an angel?

Reece is the paramedic who was on call at the NASCAR race. As he helps Trinity out of the car, she calls him Angel. She knows he is hot and sexy. Once she is out and okay, she plants a huge kiss on him for the world to see.

Both thinking they are not going to see each other again, they did not mind the kiss. Reece drops her off to get looked at and goes on his way. Trinity heads on home after getting released from the hospital. One is going home as her father has a disease, and the other as his family was in an accident.  What will happen when they meet up?

Trinity and Reece are both remarkable to read about. They each have their own issues, but work well together. It is nice to see a couple put things before others and compromise. A sweet clean romance you will not want to see end.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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