Dark Storm

  • Book 1: Idolize
  • Book 2: Fantasize

Dark Storm, Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-77339-464-0
October 25, 2017
Evernight Publishing
186 pages
Erotic Romantic Suspense
Rating: 2 Cups

Gemma Cassini is an up and coming TV star of the hit show Dark Sky who just wants to make a name for herself in LA away from her over-protective family. A stalker threatens her with blackmail if she does not do as he says. Rescue comes from the most unlikely source, a paparazzo who she also finds herself strongly attracted to. A fake marriage seems just the thing to keep her safe, but she might find herself falling for the last man she should.

Mitch Lopez, a paparazzo and photographer loathes his job, but it pays for his sister’s tuition to medical school. Gemma is everything he wants, but she is a star and he a lowly paparazzo. After rescuing her more than once she gives him an offer he cannot refuse … to be her husband, despite him thinking he is not good enough. What more could he ask for once he is married to the woman of his dreams? Except for it to be a real marriage….

Gemma has a stalker threatening to reveal family secrets if he does not get what he wants. After a hot night with Mitch, Gemma comes home to a trashed house and has an idea. She will pay Mitch to be her husband, pay his sister’s tuition, and in exchange he will be married to the woman of his dreams and can stop being a paparazzo. A sham marriage seems to be the answer to her problems, but is it? Gemma goes missing and it will be up to Mitch to find her before it is too late.

This is the second book of a series, but I believe it can stand alone though I did not read the first. Individually I liked the characters, the setting, and overall plot of the story, but how they were all put together just did not work for me. I got more of a tell rather than show vibe when it came to the characters and with their actions and emotions so it was difficult to get invested in the story and what was happening to the them.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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