Thornhill Trilogy, Book 1
ASIN: B076K5J11Z
October 2017
JJ Sorel
280 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Clarissa was looking for a job when she came to Thornhill, but she has found so much more. Unfortunately, clause seven of her contract tells her happily ever after is not here for her.

Aiden is a man on a mission and he finally gave up on women for the moment because his luck has been horrible. When he meets his new PA for the first time he recognizes a true beauty both inside and out. Unfortunately, his past is unpleasant and there are people in his life who are decidedly troublesome.

Aiden and Clarissa have found in each other what they could never find with another. Unfortunately, there are those people who do not wish to see their happiness and will do anything to put an end to it. Will Clarissa be able to get past the secrets Aiden holds? The question made me moot because Aiden’s past is determined to dig up all haunts and hurts to ensure he will never find happiness with Clarissa.

There are no words for the sheer genius of the writing of Ms. Sorel. The setting comes alive with culture and history. Each character has their own place in the story and each enhances the other. I read it all in one sitting, unable to put the story down for even one minute. It is a fabulous love story full of intrigue and mystery, but the very foundation is a man who is a hero with all his flaws who wishes he could save the world, including the woman who has stolen his very soul. I challenge a reader to pick up Entrance and not become as addicted as Aiden and Clarissa. Beware there is a little mystery at the end.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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