The Chronicles of the Four Courts, Book 2
ISBN# 9781771550031
May 2017
Champagne Books
249 Pages
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Menage
Rating: 5 Cups

Finn is a son of the Fae Goddess of War, the Morrigan. This means his life is tied to the one of the Four Courts of the Fae realm. In his case that would be the court of Springtime. In fact, he is the knight of the two Changeling Princess’s of Springtime, and though it is forbidden, he loves both his charges and is their lover.

Nineva, and Nerissa are the Princesses of Spring. They started their lives out as human babies, but were adopted by Glorianna, the Springtime Queen, and the magic of the Fae realm changed them to Fae Springtime Elves. They have not known, nor want, any other life. They love their knight, and each other, but they know their love for their knight is forbidden and horrible things would happen were anyone to find out their true relationship.

When Glorianna finds out that Finn has become the lover of her daughters, her rage is great, and she curses Finn and has him thrown in a Fae prison. Though Finn understands her upset, he also knows his two loves are now sitting ducks for the enemies of the Four Courts, and if he does not get out of prison, they could be murdered as so many of the Fae royals have been recently. His love and his will are strong, and though he has to battle monsters and enemies at every turn, he knows that somehow he will return to them. Will Finn make it in time to keep his lovers safe, or will his enemies win and destroy everything he loves?

All I can say is WOW! I absolutely loved this story!! I had the pleasure of reviewing Goblin Fires a couple of years ago, but when Breathless Press closed I did not think I would get the chance to read the rest of this series. I am so happy that the author found a new home for this series and that I got to read Elfin Fires. This book has everything a true romance reader could want, credible, creative world building, scorching hot love scenes, fairy tale romance, monsters, enemies, action, suspense, you name it this book has it. I cannot recommend this series, and in particular this book enough. If you love books that retell mythology, have a happy ending, and did I forget to mention the scorching hot, emotionally fulfilling love scenes, oh, I did not? Good, then if you love these things as I do, then you do not want to miss this book! I for one will most definitely be buying the next one in the series!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Goblin Fires, The Chronicles of the Four Courts, Book 1

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