May 2016
Blue Penny Press
Sweet Romantic Comedy
269 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Maggie MacNally, originally from Ireland, is at a loss when it comes to what to do with her life. Her family has history in the diplomatic services, and she believes she should follow in their steps, but job after job has led to one disaster after another. To be successful in life she believes that she has to have the perfect job and the perfect man; cultured, handsome, and him have an important job of his own. One fateful day her grandmother, the Irish ambassador, calls her in for a meeting; she meets an appealing and handsome Frenchman, and meets her new driver who has a strong appeal of his own. It turns out that her grandmother has a job for her, to help manage an important diplomatic gala.

Adrien Adams, a widower, has been a driver for the D. C. area for a long time now, the job letting him keep flexible hours in order to care for his daughter after his wife’s death. After his employer let him go he finds a temporary job with the Irish Consulate to drive around this seeming crazy girl, who does not take things seriously, and has a thing for talking to squirrels. Despite his wishes to have security and stability in his and his daughter’s life, he finds himself drawn to the flighty Maggie who has him feeling things he has not for years. He is also reluctant to keep his daughter from Maggie since she has not responded to a woman like she does with Maggie since her mother’s death.

Valery, the handsome, debonair Frenchman Maggie met the other day, is one of the people she is to assist to plan the gala. They grow closer while planning and he takes her to high-end restaurants and she believes he is perfect for her though she would be just as happy eating hot dogs on a bench with Adrien. She thinks Adrien is too serious, he thinks she is not enough, but agree that they are bad for each other. In actuality they might just be what each other needs. First they have to unravel the ulterior motives of the Frenchman and deal with the meddling from her grandmother. Will Adrien let his idea of the perfect woman and Maggie’s grandmother keep him from reaching out for the happiness in front of him? How about Maggie, will she let what she thinks is perfect keep her from what actually is and will she let her family’s wants guide her to a job that is not for her?

I adored this cute story it had the right touch of winsome and left me with warm fuzzies. In particular I liked the message I got about how striving for the perfect can make you miss out on the good right in front of you and that someone else’s perfect might not be your own. One of the things I enjoyed most was the banter between Adrien and Maggie, they were so cute together and I really liked it when Adrien’s daughter was added to the mix. The smaller side story added some intrigue and a touch of suspense and its culmination added a bit of zing to punctuate the completion of the romance. Near the end of the book I loved how Maggie finally got a clue about what to do with her life, and with whom, and so enjoyed how Adrien chose to reveal his feelings to her. It was totally awww inducing. This was such a heartwarming and feel good book, great pick if one wants a “pick me up.”

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


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