ISBN:  978-1-5255-3251-1 HC, 978-1-5255-3252-8 PB, 978-1-5255-3253-5 EB
November 9, 2018
Friesen Press
341 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating:  4 Cups


Making great life choices is a skill Piper Crawley feels she is greatly lacking. Finally dumping Chad and eventually getting out Fort McKay is a step in the right direction, but she knows it is only the beginning.

Driving a big rig in Northern Alberta is Brandon’s own personal therapy.  After a nasty divorce and the ensuing loss of his half of their cyber security business, Brandon took to the road to recharge.

Leaving Chad feels like a weight off Piper’s shoulders, so getting involved with another man is probably the last thing she needs. Casual flings are not really her style, but with Brandon only passing through it could be a nice diversion. Optimistic by nature, Brandon is certain he has found something special with Piper. Surely it is only a matter of choosing the right time and the right words to get her to agree…right?

Piper and Brandon have an immediate connection, and it is easy to slip into the groove of their story. The threatening wild-fire helps to build a sense of urgency and intensity, which I feel totally fits with Piper and Brandon’s relationship.  As the fires draw near it becomes evident some very hard choices are imminent.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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