BIN/ASIN: 008830-02855/B07Q3XRGMJ
APRIL 2019
Changeling Press LLC
609 Pages
Paranormal, Erotic, Romance, MM
Rating: 4 Cups


Dragon Food

Once every twenty years, Luke, who is a genie, is released from his bottle. He could not wait to meet his new master, but nothing could prepare him for Mark.

Mark is a man on the run from the past with no time or patience for a magical man, even if he is a sexy one. When Luke says he is there to help Mark find happiness, he knows it is a lost cause because he is fighting a past he can never let go of.

Luke helps Mark fight through his pain and tries to shield him from the past that is determined any future he may have. There is no clear path to Mark’s happiness he can find, and soon Luke comes to realize finding Mark’s happiness will let him spend the next twenty years missing Mark. When love moves in, will Mark and Luke resist, or will they find a way to a future together?

Dragon Fire

Mark and Luke are still together and although the fight to stay together is over, it has only now truly begun. Mark is in transition but has been forced back home to a past he left behind.

Luke is beginning to believe Mark no longer needs him, and when he decides to leave him behind, he knows he must force Mark to face the past and fight for a future together.

Though the enemy is near, the bigger problem is standing in the shadows being ignored.  Will Luke and Mark come to understand that they are stronger together, or will their love end up in the ashes?

Dragon’s Bane

Mark and Luke are back and suffering through the separation necessary for Luke to get through SearchLight training.  Just when it would seem they are going to make it work, a new challenge is on the horizon…trying to stay alive.

Atlas is a genie god who has returned to finish his last mission. His new master is human, and though Atlas knows his mission involves him, he thinks his human has no idea the power at his disposal. His search for his target, the three-headed creature named Cerebus leads him back to his master and those around him.

Atlas must complete his mission, no matter who has to die, or he will become an indestructible force which will be set loose on the world.  Mark, Luke, and the rest of SearchLight must prevent Atlas from completing the mission and save the world. Can the love between Mark and Luke stand against what is coming, or will they lose each other forever?

The Dragon in Training series is a good read with a variety of characters. I enjoyed meeting all the characters and seeing the world through their eyes. The author provides a visual feast for the reader which invokes a wide spectrum of emotions. The story of Mark and Luke is worth the read for any paranormal fan because a relationship between a dragon and a genie is bound to be out of this world.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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