Eve Appel Mysteries

Book 1: A Secondhand Murder
Book 2: Dead in the Water
Book 3: A Sporting Murder
Book 4: Mud Bog Murder
Book 5: Old Bones Never Die
Book 6: Killer Tied

Eve Appel Mysteries: Book 2
ISBN #: 9781335506658
July 2018
Worldwide Mystery
Mass Market Paperback
279 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Eve Appel is the owner of a consignment shop in Sabal Bay, Florida. She is divorced and dating a private investigator. She loves shoes and a good mystery.

Winston is Eve’s long lost uncle, the center of her happy childhood memories. She is unaware of his mob connections or his three adult stepchildren.

Eve is excited to see her beloved Uncle Winston again and invites him and his girlfriend Darlene to stay with her in Sabal Bay. When he is murdered while on an airboat ride in the swamp, she finds out that he is connected with the mob. He wanted to retire and agreed to do one last job. After his death, Eve finds that she is his sole heir, to the anger of his three stepchildren and gold-digger girlfriend Darlene. Soon Eve will need the help of her own mob contacts to solve Winston’s murder, a robbery, and two kidnappings.

This is a fun and easy to read mystery. Clotheshorse Eve seems a bit out of place in Florida cowboy country, but she and her best friend Madeleine run a successful consignment shop. In addition to a very good mystery, there is an interesting love triangle between her PI boyfriend Alex and Sammy Egret, with her ex-husband making things even more confusing. The unique characters and fun plot kept me interested until the last page.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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