Scandal and Scoundrel, book 3
ISBN#: 9780062379436
July 2017
Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback
387 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Seraphina has been betrayed and rejected by her husband, the Duke of Haven. She lost her child and her husband and went away to find a new life and perhaps forget.

Malcolm, Duke of Haven, is a proud man, and that pride cost him his marriage. He regrets his actions and does not know how to make things right.

Seraphina, Duchess of Haven, has made mistakes, tricking her husband into marriage among them, but she never stopped loving Malcolm. After catching him with his mistress and then losing their baby, she leaves him intending never to return. She creates a new life for herself in America, becoming a successful businesswoman. Unfortunately, in this time period, everything owned by a wife actually is the husband’s possession. Seraphina makes the bold decision to ask for a divorce. Malcolm agrees but has one condition; she must find her replacement.

This story has an interesting premise; Seraphina needs to keep her assets secret to protect them until her divorce, lest her husband take all she has worked for. He comes off as rigid and judgmental about their forced marriage, but he was as much at fault as she. He was certainly more experienced in the ways of the world. His infidelity caused a tragedy that he desperately regrets. He only realizes how much he loves his wife when he loses her. I enjoyed the way he cleverly keeps Seraphina close as he tries to win her back. Having her sisters and his potential brides impedes his efforts in an amusing way. I definitely enjoyed this story.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Scandal & Scoundrel Series

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  • Book 2: A Scot in the Dark
  • Book 3: The Day of the Duchess

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