Stronghold Book 3
ISBN#: 9781773393087
June 2017
Evernight Publishing
141 Pages
Paranormal, Suspense, Erotic, May/December, Sci-Fi, New Adult
Rating: 4 Cups

Saige Ellis cannot stand liars, and she can spot one from a mile away. She is convinced her history professor is not all that he seems to be, and she cannot stand the fact that he has let his beard grow out all scraggly, or that he wears sunglasses in class so that she cannot see his eyes.

Isaac Dawn is hiding something all right, he is one of a group of brothers who are immortal and call themselves Sentries. Their genetics were altered by a race of aliens so that they could protect Earth from a race of space faring non-sentient spiders. He is very attracted to Saige, but she is young, headstrong and does not easily trust.

When Isaac asks Saige to stay after class and attempts to quell her misgivings about him, Saige is less than impressed. As much as she is attracted to Isaac, she is hiding out from her father, an abusive drug addict who killed her mother and younger sister by driving the car they were in into a tree. Her father always seems to find her, so she has no intention of getting mixed up with her history professor despite the strong attraction. But when Saige starts seeing shadows following her, she has to wonder if rejection of Isaac is worth her safety. Will she trust Isaac enough to protect her?

I enjoyed reading Dawn very much! There is some snazzy world building in this one, and I definitely need to read the first two books because I could tell I was missing some stuff by starting with the third book. The scifi aspects and bad aliens not just including the spiders made for some very nice action scenes as well. If you love scifi romance and some hot action between the sheets then you do not want to miss this one!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Stronghold Series

  • Book 1: Dark
  • Book 2: Dusk
  • Book 3: Dawn

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