Dark Tide Chronicles

  • Book 1:  Dark Rising

Dark Tide Chronicles, Book 1
October 2018
M.A. Gonzales
334 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Elora ran from her supernatural community fifteen years before when her best friend Michah was murdered. It also did not help that not long before that she discovered the man she was going to mate was cheating on her. Emotionally destroyed by the two losses she leaves Devil’s Falls and has no intention of every returning…until events force her to.

Greyson Black is Michah’s older brother. He owns and operates a BDSM club and has always been highly attracted to Elora, though he never acted on it since she belonged to another.

When there is an attempt on her life, Elora knows she has to go home to find out what is truly going on. Even more unfortunately, the man who used to be in charge has been killed and her ex is the one running the show now. When he tells her that the only other man she does not want to see may have her answers, she is less than enthused. Greyson always made her hot, even when she thought she was in love with her ex, and getting to him in his well guarded BDSM club is not going to be easy. She manages to get in, but seeing Greyson who she feels will not want to see her since she was with his brother when he was killed, surprises her with his willingness to talk and possibly help her. And now there is no soon to be mate standing between them. While their attraction is mutual, Elora is there for a reason. However, the erotic fires between them are even hotter now than in the past, and while Greyson is willing to help her, she is afraid to give in to their attraction. But neither can resist the other and it is not long before they give in to it. But will this new relationship be enough to keep her safe, and will these two find the answers they so desperately need to keep themselves and their supernatural community safe?

I enjoyed reading Dark Rising. The world building was very interesting, and I really loved the two main characters and their personalities. The love scenes are highly erotic and emotional which are my favorite kind. If you enjoy dark paranormal erotic romance, then you do not want to miss Dark Rising by M.A. Gonzales!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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