September 2017
Wild Rose Press
119 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Carin spent her life as the chubby girl who was given the nickname of Cushion by the man of her teenage dreams. In death she extracted a promise from after telling him of the hell his words caused her. Now, she has returned as Natalie and is his court appointed therapist to help him kick the habit.

Billie has no idea who Natalie once was – he only knows she is the woman sent from hell to make his life hell. She reminds him of someone; a ghost from his past and he finds himself falling for the her and wishing she felt the same.

Natalie and Billie are being stalked by a demon from hell who wishes to steal their souls. Will Billie believe her when she reveals who she is, and will he stand with her for the fight of their lives? If Billie fails to believe they could both lose their lives.

I absolutely stand in awe of the talent of Ms. Miles. The writing is bewitching from the start; I love Billie and Natalie because they are both so human but ones with a calling to save souls. The glimpses of heaven and heavenly characters blends well with the reality of hell and the beings of earth. The vivid imagination of Ms. Miles and the story of Cushion is not one to be missed. I will be eagerly looking for more of her writing.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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