The Ancient Spells Trilogy

Book 1:  Crimson Kiss

ISBN 9787957228822
October 2021
Champagne Book Group
Epic Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Felix, a strong man, soldier, and guard with honor and protection instilled in his heart. He is a sensitive soul who knows how to show love even in the toughest of times. He is a man of duty and loyalty and abundance of emotion and a lot of self control, until he expresses his love.

Evalyn is young and naïve, and is sensitive and not prepared for facing the harshness of life. She is an innocent soul that tries to be strong when she is truly falling apart inside, and needs someone to keep her and protect her. But soon she is forced to mature and deal with the pain reality serves.

This story is rich with lands and names and beings of fantasy. It is a world beautifully built and the creation of a romance within this world is creating emotions of doubt, and yet hope. However, it feels incomplete and makes you wonder what more will come next in the hero’s life to change it into something more mature or destroy it all together. It certainly leaves questions.

I read this story with interest and great attention. It has great changes of scenery, amazing build up of the heroes, travels, and a lot of suspense. It most certainly lets the reader live through an adventure and makes you yearn for more to unfold that will eventually lead to the HEA of a complete circle. It lets you wait to see what will come next and that is in a way the killer of joy, waiting wondering what will follow. Yet it is truly worth the read.

Christine Baely
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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