ISBN: 978-1-951190-23-1 / B07WHJ5FKW
September 2019
Tule Publishing
216 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kayla’s cooked up a lot of hard work for herself, establishing her successful café. She has had several run-ins with engaged-to-be married Holt, as they competed for event gigs deep in the heart of Texas. Her easygoing, wisecracking nature was evenly pitted against his, but he was a taken man.

Holt is a good ol’ boy turned barbecue king. He fell for a fancy chick who really made him see stars, but he turned out to not be quite good enough for her. Never mind that, he knows what makes him happy now, which is cooking up trouble with Kayla and the wide-open skies.

Holt gets dumped by the fancy chick by text, which tells you the depth of their relationship. He is burned, of course, but also finds himself in the company of a sympathetic ear, Kayla. She has been burned too many times herself to want to be his rebound chick, but she is also thrilled the attraction is mutual. While taking part in the wedding plans of mutual friends, they find themselves competing once again. To top it all off, they want to buy the same property to expand their respective businesses. Maybe cupcakes cannot solve every problem.

I loved seeing a hero in something other than a Navy SEAL suit or vampire’s cloak. This dude was hot on the grill and Kayla did not fall into the heroine-clone trap either. The supporting cast of characters were funny, and the setting made it all real; however, I cannot help feeling like I have read this novel a dozen times before and that is why it is a 4 cups score from me.

Kimber Li
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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