December 7, 2017
Kat Colburn
205 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Dani Wallace’s life is work. She works at a company she hates. The company cares only for sales numbers. The only solace she gets is from reading. The main reason she works at a job she detests is to afford her mother’s medical bills. She is unique in that she is not afraid to say what she means, has a foul mouth at times and a sharp tongue, but the years have dulled her brazenness. That is, until the new VP of international sales arrives and listens to her … actually listens to her and the old her starts to come out. He is smart and funny, but too bad he is gorgeous and guys like him do not go for girls like her.

Dan Kelly, new VP of international sales, presents the image of the playboy to hide his secrets, and takes solace in reading because pretending can get tiring. For his first job with a client in Japan he chooses Dani to partner with him since she knows the software so well. After lots of long flights and meetings he finds himself drawn to her, wanting to learn more of this bewitching woman. She takes care of everyone but herself and he wants to be the one to do so, but knowing of the betrayals she has dealt with, does not want to start something with secrets between them and his secrets can be deadly for them both.

Once he learns that Dani knows the software well Dan angles to have her as his partner to win a new overseas client. The long flights and meetings put them into close quarters over a period of time where they learn a lot about each other. Their attraction is undeniable, but company policy, her need to clench this sale for the bonus so she can quit and still pay her mother’s medical bills, and his secrets keep them apart. As soon as the deal is made all obstacles to their love will be out of the way. But will their love be strong enough to wait in the meantime? What about when he finally reveals his secrets?

This book was awesome; it had a touch of everything and was not what I was expecting for an office romance. I sometimes find books set in first person hard to read, but this one flowed smoothly and grabbed my attention from the start. The PoVs were well done; being both Dani’s and Dan’s which lent more depth to the story by adding each of their takes on situations. I loved Dan and Dani, each had their hidden depths and it took the other and time to reveal them. It was a slow burn romance that was perfectly paced to make me fall in love with them as I read. I would recommend this to someone looking for more than the typical as it pleasantly surprised me.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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