ISBN: #978-1-7332450-0-5 / B07VXXRXTR
October 15, 2019
Self (as Merlin’s Owl Press)
215 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Rosemarie struggles to feed and clothe her toddler while all of Europe rages with World War I around her. Very little solace is to be found since her dead husband left her with a traitorous reputation. It did not matter that she was trying to save a life; the soldier boy was a German. Her son provides a reason to live and salvaging Harry’s soggy Bible reminds her she can still love too.

Harry is great husband material, but his heart has been ravaged by war. One of his men is not a man at all, but a teenage boy who lied about his age. Death, blood, and the near-constant rattle of artillery threatens to derail this good man’s sense of honor.

Harry is distraught when he loses his grandma’s Bible and hunts it down, only to discover Rosemarie found it while paddling home in her little boat. She promises to care for the Bible, and he promises to come back. They form a friendship which grows into love. Harry is even good to her son. The teenage boy is killed, and Rosemarie loses touch with Harry, fearing he is dead too. Even if they survive the war, the strength of their hearts might not.

The plot for this one is not original, but the delivery leaves other stories like it in the dust! Both the hero and heroine are growing, multi-dimensional characters. Rosemarie does not need a sword to be a powerful woman. She is a mom and that drives her like nothing else, and then she falls in love too. Harry is a dutiful soldier who still feels pulled by his family back home. Then, he falls in love and has Rosemarie and her son to live for too. This story is a believable affirmation that love is the root of true courage and the language seamlessly carries you away. It has everything I love in a novel.

Kimber Li
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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