The Skulls

  • Book 1: Lash
  • Book 2: Murphy
  • Book 3: Nash
  • Book 4: Tiny
  • Book 5: Killer
  • Book 6: Zero
  • Book 7: Butch
  • Book 8: Revenge
  • Book 9: Whizz
  • Book 10: Blaine
  • Book 11: Alex
  • Book 12: Hardy
  • Book 13: Gash
  • Book 14: Master
  • Book 15: Baker

The Skulls, Book 16
ISBN: 9781773398501
December 2018
Evernight Publishing
109 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups


Butch has spent years paying for his sins of the past. Now he is restless because he cannot go to being one of the pack but sees no life without the Skulls.

Cheryl is afraid for the life of her unborn child and the struggle of her husband to forgive himself and move into the future. His burden is hers too because she is unsure if their life will be here or in the past.

Butch is the descendant of a prez and fears he could never go back to being a follower. The stress of not touching his wife has him on the edge but he will do anything to keep her safe. He sees no future in the past but he fears the future he deserves can never be. Will Butch and Cheryl turn to each other or let life tear them apart?

Ms. Crescent is an amazing writer. She has an incredible talent of weaving characters together so tightly there is no pulling them apart. She writes of men who and women who have each other’s back no matter what comes their way. Butch is a character fans of the series know is one who risked it all to keep the club safe. Cheryl is a fitting character for Butch and rounds out his rough edges and helps him to see that you do not always have to go back to move forward. I enjoyed reading another fitting chapter in The Skulls saga and look forward to what the future will bring within the MC.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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