Fallen Gliders MC

  • Book 1: Nicky
  • Book 2: Hawk
  • Book 3: Digger
  • Book 4:  Capone

Fallen Gliders MC, Book 4
ISBN: 9781773398624
December 2018
Evernight Publishing
62 Pages
Erotic, MC Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Capone says he does not care about his families rejection, but really it still hurts. He joined the Fallen Gliders MC for a family and now someone is threatening that. Despite past rejections he goes to his brothers wedding when he received an invitation. Good thing because he meets the strongest woman he has ever met and it surprisingly turns him on.

Helina is happy with her life and does not need any complications of the male persuasion. She has never found a man who can not only handle but also be attracted to a strong woman. She will not be a doormat for any man, but for Capone she is willing to ride him for one night.

When their one night goes sideways, Helina is determined she will get hers because she wants a piece of Capone. Capone had no idea a strong woman would be such a turn on, but for Helina he is willing to lie down and take it. Can two strong people learn to compromise, or will one late night phone call ruin everything?

I absolutely love Helina and Capone, but Helina rules this story. The characters in the story are expertly portrayed and the book feels like a snapshot in time that makes the reader want to find out what came before and what happens next. Ms. Burke took a different slant than a traditional biker book because this one has feelings and is willing to let a woman lead every now and then which in no way dismisses his manliness. Give Capone a try and come along for a wild ride.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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