Ruthless Reapers MC

  • Book 1: King
  • Book 2: Brick’s Addiction
  • Book 3: Razor’s Ride

Ruthless Reapers MC, Book 2
ISBN: 9780369506306
June 2022
Evernight Publishing
86 Pages
Erotic, MC
Rating: 4 Cups

Rose is living her life, but not in the way she ever imagined. She lives daily with the threat from her brother that he will kill her and Stefan who, by the way, is his son. When she is home alone an MC comes to collect the debt her brother owes, but another MC shows up and saves her from certain death.

Brick is out for revenge against an MC which put three of his MC brothers in the hospital, with one being the only blood family he has left. He takes one look at Rose and decides it would be a shame to leave the beautiful Rose and her nephew Stefan to the fates so he offers her protection – and possibly more.

Rose is unsure of her life and Brick appears to be the only solid foundation she can reply on. Her brother is determined to get her and his son killed while the leader of the Ruthless Reapers MC appears to hate and resent her presence in Bricks life, so where does she go from here? Brick is determined to keep Rose safe and make her his old lady, but when death comes calling we he be able to save her and Stefan? When the unexpected happens, will they be able to pick up and move forward?

The writing of Ms. Sloane is engaging and the characters are endearing to the reader. I found I was able to jump into Brick’s story despite it being the second in the series. The past was explained in a way it never overshadowed the present. I enjoyed reading Brick’s Addiction and Rose was a unique character because she was a strong woman who never judged the MC despite the rumors.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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