Devil’s Outlaws MC

  • Book 1: Bowie’s Angel
  • Book 2: Gunner’s Flame
  • Book 3: Austin’s Ward

Devil’s Outlaws MC, Book 4
BIN/ASIN: 009001-02912/ B07VX6TJLX
August 2019
Changeling Press LLC
96 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary, MC, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Nova and her team are ambushed during an operation, and all were killed accept one – her. She vows vengeance for those who destroyed her life because she could not exact revenge on the one who betrayed her.  Then she sees Brewer, and in his eyes she sees her destiny.

Brewer was there to get a job done and get out. Unfortunately, he comes face to face with a woman known as the black widow and he cannot bring himself to destroy another woman. He bets his life on hers because a world without her is one not worth living in. What do you do with a woman wants your head when you are willing to give your life for the one who wants you dead?

Trust is something to be earned. What does a person do when they come to realize the point of view they once held may not be the exact truth? Would you give up your life to make the one you would die for happy? Nova and Brewer must each face their past to find a future together; but will they learn to trust before it is too late?

I found the story-line unique in the idea of two characters who have every reason to want the others dead, but find neither is able to pull the trigger. I loved Nova because she is strong, capable, and vulnerable to one man which part of her wants to kill. I found the struggle to find love very probable in a world where war had two sides, and both have a cause they are fighting to support. The love between Nova and Brewer is beautiful and sweet even if it seems to be bitter at times. Brewer’s Mark will keep a reader on their twos and head spinning trying to figure out if it will all work out.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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