The Man Catalog

Book 1: The Marrying Type
Book 2: Boyfriend Material

The Man Catalog, Book 2
ISBN#: 97817733397276
June 2018
Evernight Publishing
214 Pages
Multicultural & Interracial, Contemporary
Rating: 2 Cups

Grace Bennington is desperate to keep up the appearance of the rich woman she once was. Her ex-husband is serving a prison sentence for his crimes but she is paying the price. She will do anything to hang on to what’s left of her life no matter what.

Tybalt Rossi is a man with a plan and being a male escort is just what he needs to earn the money to ensure his little girl can escape the life he lived and be anything she wants. He does amazingly well at escorting until he meets Grace and the shark infested water she exists in, but the deep attraction he has for her will not allow him to walk away.

Tybalt did not sign up for the abuse he received by Grace and her friends. Grace is determined to save her image at all cost. Tybalt is determined to show her what kind of woman she will need to become to keep her status. Will Tybalt give up on saving Grace or will he fight for her and the future they could build together?

I really struggled with this story. I do not like Grace or her snobby friends and felt Tybalt was weak for allowing himself to be treated so shabbily. Grace would say she was sorry and turn around and continue in her snotty ways. The story of Tybalt was the only saving of this story. I loved his family and especially his reason for becoming a male escort. The writing is really good and in places offered redeeming moments but overall I was disappointed in the entire story.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


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