The Texas Lawman, Book 1
ISBN: 9781946772626
June 2017
Tule Publishing
200 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Clay Morgan is a Texas Ranger haunted by the woman he could never forget. When an older woman he considers family tells him her health is perilous and she wants him to bring her granddaughter back home for a visit, he is torn but cannot let the woman down or give up the chance to see the one woman he let go, and the only one he could ever love.

Kaitlyn has never been so close to home and is surprised when she gets pulled over by the law. She is shocked to see the man she will always love, but who dumped her long ago, get out of a helicopter. He tells her about her grandmother’s health and she agrees to go to see her grandmother.

Kaitlyn finds Clay living with his son in the house she drew as a teen girl dreaming of a future with her prince charming, who turned into a frog. Clay feels he could still never ask Kaitlyn to give up all her dreams to come back home, so he feels he can only let her go again. There is a secret between them which prevents Kaitlyn revealing her feelings, and when the truth comes out will it change anything, or are they doomed to love from afar?

I love The Texas Lawman; it is a fabulous love story. I found the sweet romance endearing and cried through the pain Ms. Holt expressed so well through her writing. The reader is left little doubt the emotions in the book as they are expressed eloquently. The twists in the story keep the reader reading to the very last page and are never left disappointed. The peak into the next book in the series was enough to get the reader to look for the story of Angelina and Jason. I highly recommend the writing of Ms. Holt and the Texas Lawmen Series.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

The Texas Lawmen Series:
Book 2: The Lawman’s Apache Moon
Book 3: Along Came a Ranger


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