The Malory Family, Book 12
ISBN#: 9781501162183/9781501162206
July 2017
Gallery Books
371 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups


Jacqueline, or Jack, Malory is a beautiful and headstrong woman and daughter of James Malory, formerly the pirate Captain Hawke.

Damon is a pirate, or is he? He is handsome and mysterious and has a grudge against Captain Hawke.

Jack’s father and uncles are off to find the pirate who kidnapped Jack from her American debut. They do not realize how close the culprit is or that he once again has Jack and her brother in his clutches. Damon, however is not the villain he appears.

Fans of the Malory family should add another cup to my rating, they are going to love this book. I found it a bit predictable and formulaic; feisty heroine Jack falls in love with her handsome captor, Damon, who is more than he seems. Aside from that, the characters are likeable, there is plenty of action and intrigue, and the love story is well written and satisfying. I enjoyed this novel.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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