Valladora Tales, Book 3
ISBN# 9781773394374
October 2017
Evernight Publishing
65 Pages
Gay, Fantasy, Erotic
Rating: 4 Cups

Samuel has been an assassin for his king for several years. Two years ago when he came home for a visit to his best friend, he realized he was in love with him. Instead of acting on his feelings he went back to his king and continued to do his job. But now he has decided he has to find a way to make his friend love him, and he has come home to do that.

Quentin is Samuel’s best friend. He has been raising his nephew Jesse for the last few years on his own. He loves Jesse though and does not mind. He also loves his best friend Samuel but Samuel is straight, or so he thinks.

Quentin begins to get the idea that maybe Samuel’s feelings are a bit different because of his last letter to Quentin, but Quentin is far too shy to say anything. Still, when Samuel returns and says something to the effect that they should just see where things take them, Quentin decides to do just that. Samuel is worried that Quentin might reject him once he finds out what he has been doing for the last few years, and when he discovers that Samuel’s contract as an assassin with Jareth his king is not quite up. Still he has to try and it is not long before it is obvious that they both have feelings for each other and could make a life together. But will Jareth let Samuel go before his contract is up? And what will happen when Jareth follows his prize assassin to Quentin’s village? Can they convince him that Samuel’s place is with Quentin?

Assassin’s Return by Ms. Medina is a delightful m/m romance. The world building is phenomenal as always with Ms. Medina’s stories. I really enjoyed the slow build up to true love with these two old friends and Jesse just added to the fun. The love scenes when they occur are emotional and that much more profound because these two loved each other as friends first. Just a really wonderful, emotional story that I know I will be reading again and again. I highly recommend Assassin’s Return by Ms. Media.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Valladoran Tales

  • Book 1:  Desire and Duty
  • Book 2: Owen and the Beast

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