Matter of Time Book 1
ISBN: 9781773394497
October 2017
Evernight Publishing
193 Pages
Contemporary, New Adult, Military, Mainstream
Rating: 5 Cups

Sammy has to go back home and fight for what is rightfully hers. Not because she wants it, but because she has a friend who needs it. Her brother ask her to give a childhood friend on her journey to the past and he is one she had a huge crush on.

Adam has always had a crush on Sammy, so he joined the Army to get away from a woman he could never have. When they meet again he realizes something bad has happened to Sammy because she is not the same girl he once knew.

Sammy has a secret she only told one she thought she could trust who blamed her and she was never the same again. Adam is enraged when he finds out that the one woman he deeply cared for was assaulted and suffered alone. Can two lost souls who never settled down find a hoe in each other after all home is where the heart is, right?

What a heartbreakingly beautiful story. In the beginning, the story is presented as a typical romance but then it morphs into one of the most moving romances. Sammy is so strong for someone who was let down by someone she should have been able to trust. Adam is a man every woman wants, and not just for looks. Together they make a truly outstanding romance into something spectacular.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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