Foxglove Corners Series

  • Darkness at Foxglove Corners
  • Cry for the Fox
  • Winter’s Tale
  • A Shortcut through the Shadows
  • The Witches of Foxglove Corners
  • The Snow Dogs of Lost Lake
  • The Collie Connection
  • A Time of Storms
  • The Dog from the Sky
  • Spirit of the Season
  • Another Part of the Forest
  • Where Have All the Dogs Gone?
  • The Secret Room of Eidt House
  • Follow a Shadow
  • The Snow Queen’s Collie
  • The Door in the Fog
  • Dreams and Bones
  • A Ghost of Gunfire
  • The Silver Sleigh
  • The Stone Collie
  • The Mists of Huron Court
  • Down a Dark Path
  • Shadow of a Ghost Dog
  • The Dark Beyond the Bridge
  • The Deadly Fields of Autum
  • The Lost Collies of Silver Hedge
  • All the Pretty Little Collies

Book 27 A Foxglove Corners Mystery
May 1 2019
Foxglove series #27
Wings ePress, Incorporated
Mystery/ Thriller
Rating: 4 cups

Crane is helping the ladies try to figure out who could be poisoning the collies. They are throwing bad meat and the ladies all have to be careful. Now a young girl is being threatened. This can not happen on their watch.

Camille and the gang want to help this girl. Someone horrible is threatening her and her collies. Who would do such a thing? Can the ladies and Crane find out?

Scarlet and the other collies are not stupid.  They know something is wrong can they help?  Crane might just hold one of the answers.

Not reading the other books in the series I did not feel left behind. The characters were well done and the plot is perfect.  Not only dog lovers but mystery lovers will find this book fascinating.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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