ISBN# 978-0-3695-0238-4
November 2020
Evernight Publishing
30 pages
Erotic, Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Liane is not sure going to this Halloween costume party is the best idea, but it was the only time both she and Ali had where they could get together. She definitely is not looking for a hook up or to get drunk, she just wants to see her old college friend. She also does not want to go down memory lane, and hopes no one else she actually knows shows up at the party.

When Mason (one of the people she was hoping not to see) walks in, Liane ducks out of the room and starts contemplating just leaving. She can see in to the other room and sees him and Ali talk and then look around, and just knows they are looking for her. Once she realizes Ali is pulling him toward the room she is in, she can not make an exit so has to talk to him.

Liane and Mason have a history; one time they had a threesome with another mutual friend, Toshi. Liane and Toshi ended up becoming an exclusive couple, but he died in a car wreck one night when he went to pick Mason up because he was too drunk to drive. Mason asks her if she wants to call Toshi, since it was Halloween he believes his spirit is close and he would come if they called. She agrees to try and he shows her what to do and is amazed when she actually can see Toshi. They talk about old times and Liane feels like she can finally move on. She and Mason realize they both cared about Toshi, but they also had residual feelings for each other that had not gone away with time.

I enjoyed this short story. It was pretty darn steamy considering one of the threesome was technically a ghost.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


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