Wit & Wizardry, Book 1
BIN/ASIN: 0797402574/B07P5GRXVT
March 2019 (Previously Released in 2015)
Changeling Press
47 Pages
Paranormal Romance, Magic, Urban Fantasy
Rating: 5 Cups

Lucas is a troll with all the troll traits of neat, organized, grumpy, orderly, good with numbers, and outstanding in bed (must not forget that one). He works in a dungeon and has little time for the niceties in life. He thought the new marketer Cait, who worked in the castle tower, was a little fake in her smile and appearance but one night at work changes his whole point of view.

Cait is a happy pixie who tries to be friendly with everyone and represents her company to the best of her ability and talent. One night at work she is unable to get the idea of Lucas off her mind and one trip to the cafeteria changes the way she looks at him.

It is St Patrick’s Day and with a little luck of the Irish, Cait and Lucas will find their ever after. Just in case the stubborn two try to resist, someone throws in a bit of magic to the duo and fireworks ignite. Will the two accept the love as the dust settles, or will they run back to their tower and dungeon destined never to meet again?

I love the characters because they are so perfectly formed. Both have their own unique quirks which fit together like two pieces in a puzzle. One where when you look from a distance you cannot see the connection, but when set side by side fit superbly. I love the author’s method of getting to the point. You are thrown straight into the fire and the minds of both definitely burn quite hot. The writing of Ms. Hill is a phenomenon no one should miss. If you love your romance on the hot side with a dash of fantasy thrown in, then Accounting for Love is for you. I highly recommend the story of Lucas and Cait; guaranteed to provide an entertaining break from reality.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


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