Australian Alphas Book 1
ISBN# 9781370686544
June 2017
Luminosity Publishing
93 Pages
Action / Adventure, Erotic Romance, Fantasy / Fairy Tales, Gay Romance, Paranormal, Red-Hot Romance, Shape-shifters, Time Travel
Rating: 5 Cups

Axel is a leopard shifter and has just come home from being deployed overseas. He knows he is set to be the next alpha and his father is ready to hand him the reins, but all he can think about is reconnecting with his mate, Will Summer.

Will has been in love with Axel for years, but he thinks there is no hope for them as a couple; that is, until he finds a box of Axel’s memories.

When Axel finds Will and sees he has found Axel’s memory box, he thinks this will show Will who he really wants, but initially Will cannot understand why the necklace he gave Axel before he was deployed is in the box and not around Axel’s neck. Even though Will accepts Axel’s explanation and even gets a taste of what they can have together, Axel still does not tell Will they are mates. Will Axel’s family blow it for them when they make the mistake of thinking Will knows he is Axel’s mate, or will Will understand and come back after misunderstanding and running off? And what does Will’s unusual ability to see auras have to do with it all?

I loved reading acceptance by Ms. Buffett and Ms. Baker! If you love lots of action mixed in with the paranormal with your m/m romance, then you are going to love Acceptance too! The world building, action, and hot love scenes make this book a true keeper. Do not miss the first book in the Australian Alphas series, I plan on reading every book by these authors from now on!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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