Deg’Nara Series

  • Book 1 – The Chalice
  • Book 2 – Abaddon Rising

Deg’Nara Series, Book 2
ASIN #: B07BFHH983
April 2018
New Concepts Publishing
271 Pages
Scifi Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jocelyn “Joss” St. Germaine has about had it with the universe. Abducted from her planet by the Chiagan-Se, separated from her beloved foster family, and finally sold into slavery to the Deg’Nara, an absolutely reprehensible species, so she can just be one more statistic in their gladiator games, she knows that it is only a matter of time before she is killed.

Kanaan is a fellow slave and gladiator. Born into slavery, he is half Chiagan-Se and half Mogishada. The Deg’Nara love him because he never loses, they call him The Destroyer. But Kanaan has no intention of being a slave for the rest of his life; he is just biding his time until he can escape, at which time he wants to find his Mogishada mother and save her from the breeding farm she was sent to.

When Jocelyn sees her last and final friend from Earth murdered in the Deg’Nara gladiator games, despair swamps her. Never one to show weakness, she breaks down when her friend’s skull is cracked open with her opponent’s club. Into her despair comes the Destroyer, and not in a good way. He lifts her up, his hand around her throat cutting off her breath. She thinks she is going to die, but he is teaching her something important, not to show weakness to their captors or the other slaves. From then on, he continues to watch out for her, even going so far as to give her food, give her opportunities to get clean and other boons.  When their owner decides to take Kanaan to another planet to fight, Kanaan knows that he cannot leave Joss behind, she would not survive, so he puts a grand plan into play to force his owner and handler to allow Joss to come along. But Joss is still not safe for she must fight in the games. As the two fight in the games they become closer, but Kanaan cannot figure out just what it is exactly he feels for Joss, and Joss just figures she is a good time for Kanaan. When every day could bring death, and neither is willing to admit to having feelings for the other, will these two find a way to escape slavery? And even if they do escape, can they survive in a universe where there are untold dangers?

I enjoyed reading Abaddon Rising by Ms. Parker very much. The world building is very well done and imaginative, the love scenes are super hot, and the characters well fleshed out with well thought out personalities. However, there was one thing that made me unable to give this book 5 Cups; it had a little too much graphic violence for me. I love action as much as the next person, and I do not mind some violence, but this book had more than just action, there were almost constant battles throughout the book, and much of the book included graphic, descriptive violence and death scenes that caused me to have to put the book down at times and just take a break. This book is very well written and were it not for that one thing that took away from the enjoyment for me, I would have given it a 5 Cup rating. If you can see past the graphic violence, to the relationship building between the two main characters, then you will enjoy this book very much.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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