Glacier Creek

Book 1: A Hot Montana Summer
Book 2: The Firefighter’s Slow Burn
Book 3:  A Soldier’s Homecoming

Glacier Creek Book 3
Karen Foley
ISBN/AISN: 9781949068481/B07DD7FGFM
June 2018
Tule Publishing
152 Page
Contemporary Romance, Military
Rating: 4 Cups

Lucas left the Army to look for the woman his mom is certain was her husband’s mistress and who took everything she could from his stepfather’s estate due to the accident that killed him. When he finally locates her staying in the estate his family once owned and she received as part of an injury settlement he is sure he will hate her. Unfortunately, appearances are deceiving and India Gale is not the woman he once thought her to be.

India Gale is disturbed by the amount of compensation awarded her while she was still in a coma from an accident she is unable to remember. She knows the whispered rumors could never be true. But there is so much of her memory lost. When she meets Lucas she is the nicest man she has ever met; to bad she had a ticking time bomb in her head.

When Lucas discovers who India truly is he keeps his secret for fear of losing her. India knows she should tell Lucas the truth of the terminal condition she lives with but she wanted just a little more happiness before she throws it all away. Before Lucas and India are prepared for it; their secrets are revealed and it may be a reality either can live with.

There was enough twists and turns mixed in with some angst to keep the reader interested to see how it could possibly all work out. I enjoyed the writing of Karen Foley as the characters were well developed and makes the reader want to find the other books in the series to read the rest of the Glacier Creek stories. Lucas is a fair man who makes an excellent her while India was a statuesque woman who refused to let her life be ruled by the past. The compassion and love shows on every page and provides hope for ever romantic at heart.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


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