ISBN#: 9781681750880
October 2015
Hurri Cosmo
65 Pages
M/M Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Logan Perry left the small bigoted town he grew up in to get away from all the homophobes. Of course it did not help that his family basically disowned him as well, which left him with nothing to stay for. An RN by trade, Logan loves working with the elderly, so a chance opportunity to move to Texas and care for Gail McFarren ends up being a dream come true.

Bradley McFarren is Gail’s grandson and the man who hires Logan to care for his aging grandmother. He also happens to be s walking wet dream for Logan.

When Logan arrives in Texas for the opportunity to interview for the position of taking care of Gail McFarren, he thinks it is a long shot. Fortunately for him, Bradley is a fair man, and seems to like Logan. When he offers the job to Logan once the interview is over, it is a dream come true. Logan gets to leave behind the homophobes from his small home town, he gets to take care of Gail, who he quickly grows to love, and he gets to spend time with and ogle the hot Bradley. Unfortunately, as with any fairy tale come true, there are a few catches, one is that after three years, Gail is dying and the second is that as far as Logan knows, Bradley is as straight as they come. While Bradley does not appear to mind that Logan is gay, he also does not stop bringing girlfriends to meet his grandmother, at least not initially. But none of this really phases Logan who after three years of talking to and seeing Bradley, is head over heels in love with him. He knows Bradley is beyond his reach, or so he thinks, but it takes Gail’s going into a coma and relatives who see Gail and Bradley as nothing more than a money train, coming out of the woodwork for the chance for a miracle to happen. Will Logan and Bradley end up together, or will Logan’s hopes and dreams be crushed forever?

I absolutely, unequivocally, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this story!! Hurri Cosmo can do emotion like few authors I have read, the emotions just drip from every word in this story and I ate it up like candy. If you love you some very deep angst, but in the good way, not the whiny way, if you love hot man on man action, and you love reading stories that make you cry, then you do not want to miss Hurri Cosmo’s A Place to Belong! It is quite simply the best.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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