The Townsbridges

  • Book 1:  When Love Leads to Scandal
  • Book 2:  Lady Abigail’s Perfect Match
  • Book 3:  Falling for Mr. Townsbridge
  • Book 4:  A Duke for Miss Townsbridge
  • Book 5:  An Unexpected Temptation

The Townsbridges, Book 4
ISBN:  9781393418573
October 2020
Self Published
132 pages
Historical Romance/Regency
Rating: 4 Cups

Sarah Townsbridge has been out for six seasons, but for some reason has not been taken. She is attractive, wealthy, and well connected, but no one has shown an interest in her as yet.

Matthew, Duke of Brunswick, has lived next door to the Townsbridges for several years. After much deliberation, he has decided that their eldest daughter would make an ideal duchess.

Sarah is very close to spinsterhood at twenty-two and her mother is determined to find her a suitable husband. Her parents were a love match and she wants the same, but she seems to be invisible to eligible men. Her mother, in desperation, holds a garden party and invites several eligible bachelors, and for once they actually pay attention to her. Disaster strikes when the graceless Duke of Brunswick proposes to her out of the blue. Her suitors are scared off and she is forced to consider the handsome but manner-less man next door.

I love a good Regency Romance and the author follows the formula very well. Sarah is attractive and witty and has a good heart. Matthew is handsome and tormented by a tragedy in his past that makes him reluctant to love anyone. The author adds a bit of humor to the courtship in the fishing scene. The only problem I had was with Sarah’s unpopularity. She has three older and successfully married brothers, she is attractive, she comes from a wealthy family that loves her, and she has intelligence and wit. I can understand her being choosy, but totally ignored and without any offers for six seasons? One more niggling problem was the Duke’s title. Brunswick was a duchy in Germany not England, and a very recent holder of the title was the commander of the Prussian army, thus not a viable title for a very English nobleman.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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