Duke’s Den

  • Book 1:  A Duke Changes Everything
  • Book 2:  Anything but a Duke

Duke’s Den, Book 1
ISBN #:  9780062853950/978006283967
November 2018
Avon books
Mass Market Paperback/EBook
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating:  4 Cups

Mina Thorne is the daughter of Enderley’s steward. When he died, she took over his position and has not regretted it. She is devoted to Enderley and its people.

Nick Lyon was the second and least loved son of the late Duke of Tremayne. His father hated him, doubted his paternity, and abused him both physically and mentally. He is a self-made man due to his partnership in a gentleman’s club, and wealthy beyond measure.

When Nick Lyon’s wastrel brother dies, he finds himself the new Duke of Tremayne, the last thing he ever wanted. He left Enderley years before intending to leave the bad memories behind him forever. Mina loves the estate and took over as steward after her father’s death. She is determined to save her home and her position, while Nick wants nothing more than to dispose of the estate. However, there is something about Mina that is impossible to ignore.

Ms. Carlyle has written an engrossing Historical Romance with memorable characters, an interesting plot and a heroine with an unusual profession for her time.  I sympathized with Nick and admired him for overcoming his upbringing to become a successful businessman.  Mina is an unusual woman for her time, running a ducal estate is an unheard of profession for a woman of that time. Her determination to save the estate and the people who depended upon it drives the story as much as the love story.  I look forward to reading about Nick’s partners in Lyons.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


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