Tracey H. Kitts wanted to be a writer since she was six years old, and has been writing stories nearly that long. She believes that while everyone has loved, hated, and felt passion and pain, not everyone has the desire to write these things down. She also believes however, that everyone can understand why others such as herself might want to share these things through the written word.

Whew! Wicked City is one very hot and sexy read! Ms. Kitts starts off with a bang and just keeps on going until you read the very last page. I loved it! I especially love how all of the main characters interact with each other, how close the friendships are, and even though they may not be in love with each other, how there is still love there. That, for me, made this story a true keeper. The world building is stellar and in some respects reminds me of the Underworld movies — only this book was even better. The sex of course is positively scalding, but in a really wonderful erotic and emotional way. I will definitely be buying more of this author’s books, and I highly recommend that you do so as well!

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