Miss 10 is on school holidays and is off with her grandparents for five days by the coast.    Some might think I'd sit back with a book and relax.  The cat kept jumping on my lap and didn't seem to understand that while I love cuddles, I'm not so keen on cat hair when it's 40 degrees celcius outside.  After the fourth headbutt I gave in, left my book with a last glance of longing, got into the car and did some dutiful Christmas shopping.

And now the house is a mess of wrapping paper, glace fruit and cake mix and I'd like to read a book off my TBR pile.  

Except the world didn't end on December 2012, and I have to finish book two of Daughters of the Abyss after all.  If you'd like a glimpse of Book 1, here's ILLUSION.

Happy holidays!!

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