I have a bunch of fun events coming up, if you want to pop in and find me, there are plenty of opportunities!


April 10: I will be hosting a virtual pub evening at The Pig and Thistle. In The Boxer and the Blacksmith, The Pig and Thistle is owned by Tony, Bess’s boxing manager and sole father-figure. It’s the hub of the neighborhood, and a place for the little girls who are down and out to get some training to protect themselves on the street. Join me for book talk, games, some prizes, and who knows what else? Maybe a little live music. Sign up here to register. It’s FREE!

April 15: The podcast Wine, Women, and Words will be having me on to talk about women’s boxing and A Lady’s Revenge. You can find/subscribe to their podcast wherever you get your podcasts. It should be a fun time!


May 4: May the Fourth Be With You, I’ll have a blog over at Paper Lantern Writers website. The blog is always chock full of content, with new blogs every Tuesday. Every Friday has interviews, book reviews, fun links, and Q and A’s with all eight of the Paper Lanterns.


June 21-27: I will be at the Historical Novel Society conference in THREE different sessions. You can catch me at the Respecting Romance panel with other amazing romance authors including Jeannie Lin, Syrie James, and Emily EK Murdoch. It’s a panel ALL about Romance and its impact on the world, its amazing readership, and its place as the economic engine of the publishing world, even though it gets way less respect than it deserves. Then I will be teaming up with the other Paper Lanterns to talk about the use of setting in different genres, including romance, mystery, family sagas, and westerns, and also all about starting an author collective¬†like the Paper Lantern Writers.



Edie Cay writes relatable misfits in Regency London. Her award-winning steamy historical romances include A Lady’s Revenge and The Boxer and the Blacksmith. Find her at:






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