Heartwarming authors have visited Christmas Town for years, creating a warm and wonderful community. This year, it’s the 10th Anniversary of Christmas Town High School’s Class of 2011, and oh the adventures we had on reunion weekend! We hope you join us there!


If you haven’t visited Christmas Town yet, I’m including the links below to all the anthologies that follow Christmas, Actually. It has been such a privilege working with all the authors that have been involved. 

A little tagline / blurb for Remember When, my story in Christmas Town Homecoming: Christmas Town High School principal Aaron Slauter is having a Scrooge Christmastime, which makes him accept the invitation to the class reunion. At the back of his mind, he hopes class sponsor Markie Alexander will be attending.  

I hope it makes you curious!

A Heartwarming Christmas (2015) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B011M4GQQO/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_tkin_p1_i7

A Heartwarming Holiday (2016) 


Heartwarming Holiday Wishes (2017)


The Christmas Wedding (2019) 


The Christmas Carousel (2019)


Be My Heartwarming Valentine (2020)

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