It’s crazy and more than a little disconcerting how a split second decision can alter the course of one’s life. Four years in college, burning the midnight oil to keep ahead of the bill collectors and to complete enough assignments to graduate, all blown to hell through the fall out of one decision.  Sometimes it’s a careless moment, a lapse of attention that leads one down a path they hadn’t chosen, maybe a criminally negligent car accident with life threatening injuries. Perhaps it’s a crazy one night stand that leads to an unplanned  pregnancy.

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Other times, it’s just the opposite. While being hyper-vigilant , one comes across a piece of information that others are willing to kill to keep secret. It isn’t only criminals that turn state’s evidence who end up in the Witness Protection program. Imagine doing the right thing, but still losing everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve. All those plans for the future shot out the window because of some nebulous concept labeled ‘civic duty’.

In my new release, Against the Rules, the first book in the Bound for Justice series, Teague Brody finds himself in just such a position. His tranquil world is tossed to the wind when he’s forced to fake his death. In order to protect his family and friends, he embarks on a new life. To say he’s bitter might be an understatement.

Although life has a way of throwing us a few twists and turns we hadn‘t envisioned, it doesn’t mean we’re doomed. The human spirit is resilient. For every dream that’s dashed, another is born. Not everyone eagerly embraces the new direction. Some of us fight it.

Teague certainly does. Luckily, he falls for a woman who won’t put up with his shit.  For Channy’s safety, he tries to keep his distance, but she will have none of it. A small thing like a sex-slave ring out for vengeance won’t keep her from the man of her dreams. Unfortunately life has twists ahead for Channy as well.twists

For over twenty years a serial killer has taunted law enforcement officers leaving a trail of raped and mutilated bodies, but very few clues. Now he’s targeted Channy. Though she fights her own battles, Teague is her source of strength. The possibility of a life together with him keeps her focused and determined when all hope is lost.

No one knows what life has in store for them. We plan ahead, but take each day as it comes. Along our path, we learn to be flexible. It’s not like we have a choice. Those of us with a few years under our belt know if a plan is progressing as expected, be cautious. It’s probably the calm before the storm. While living through the rough weather it’s not always easy to remember the rain is needed and without a few pesky clouds our couple wouldn’t have the requisite beautiful sunset to ride off into together.


againsttherules_largewebBlurb for Against the Rules:

This is book one in the Bound For Justice series, see the full series listing here

Targeted by a drug cartel, Teague is out for vengeance until Chantel lands in his lap. Is this fiery, redheaded submissive his lifeline or his downfall?

One nosy keystroke and Teague’s life was changed forever. He lost his identity, his family and is constantly running for his life. There is little doubt that the cartel will eventually find and kill him. Until then he plans to put as many of them away as possible. It has become his single-minded goal.

Chantel was raised with the knowledge that bogey men exist. She carries a gun and she knows how to use it. She is confident that she can take care of herself. Her only real fear is of dying alone, without ever knowing the meaning of true love.

Teague has a weakness for redheads and the cartel knows it. They’ve used it against him in the past. When Chantel literally falls into his lap, he knows it is too good to be true. Convinced that it will be his downfall, he pursues her anyway. After a weekend of life-affirming sex, he vows to never see her again.

Once Chantel has found the man of her dreams, she’s not going to let a threat against her get in the way. Now caught in the sights of a serial killer her father has spent his life hunting down, Chantel learns that there are worse things in life than death.

For a chance to save Chantel, Teague must choose between his life’s work and the young woman who has made his life worth living.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of kidnapping, torture, sexual torture, violence and references to human trafficking of children.

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