Top 10 Things You Might Not Know About This Book:


1. The 37 Therapies of the title are not actually the only therapies I have tried. I selected the therapies that helped me tell the central story – the memoir.
2. Although I mention psychotherapy as a single therapy, I saw five separate psychotherapists and each one revealed something totally different and had a unique way of working.
3. I continue to be interested in discovering new therapies – Moxibustion, Alexander Technique, Hydrofusion, Rolfing, Akashic Records to name a few.
4. I might never have written and published my book if it wasn’t for helping write my father’s biography. That experience started me on a new journey.
5. I might have been able to publish the book myself (I run a small publishing company producing children’s books). Because it was such a personal story, I decided to go through the submission process with a number of publishers.
6. I love working with women – the all-girl team at Red Door Publishing read the manuscript, immediately understood what I was trying to say and were keen to publish. I have nothing against working with men (my business partner is a man) but for this project it felt right.
7. I started writing the book at the National Writing Centre of Wales after a friend begged me to go with her on a writing course Mavis Cheek was running. She loved Mavis Cheek’s writing. I was happy to oblige, but had no idea where it would lead.
8. I completed the story at Scotland’s Creative Writing Centre near Loch Ness. Beautiful rugged Scottish landscapes outside, warm and welcoming hospitality inside.
9. It’s not the end of the story – my mid-life crisis may be over, but not my interest in therapies or writing about life.
10. The next book will pick up the story, post mid-life crisis and will cover what this period of life means – losing parents, expecting freedom, the importance of friendships and contemplating retirement and what the world will be like over the next 10-20 years.

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