Summer is by far my favorite season. What could be better than sipping a nice cold soda on the beach while enjoying the sounds of waves lapping at the shore and reading a great romance. Here are my thirteen signs summer is around the corner.
1. I join Weight Watchers…again!
2. I’m in the mood to listen to Jimmy Buffett.
3. I prefer walking on the beach to hiking in the mountains.
4. I stock up on summer reading.
5. I eagerly anticipate the next season of True Blood.
6. I count the days until school is out.
7. Memorial Day – one of my favorite holidays – is spent people watching at the beach.
8. I actually look forward to washing my car.
9. Vacations mean camping, not hotel reservations.
10. The sound of kids playing in the neighborhood brings back memories of my childhood.
11. I bite the bullet and go swimsuit shopping…Stephen King couldn’t think up this kind of misery!
12. Salads are my go-to food!
13. A new Pirates of the Caribbean movie hits the theaters 🙂

There it is, folks, my thirteen signs Summer is rapidly approaching. What are yours?

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