Thirteen of the Best Book Series

The best reading materials are the ones that never end.  Have you ever read a book, got to the end, and wondered what the heck happens next? Well I for one drive myself crazy trying to figure out which direction the author would go so I love book series and the authors who take care of crazy readers like me.  This list is in no certain order; some I have been reading since their beginning and others I have been reading for more than a decade.  There is one thing you can count on; I stalk all of their websites anxious to see what happens next.

1. J.D Robb and the Death Series

If you like a lot of action and butt kicking mixed with just the right amount of romance then you should give the long running story of Eve and Roarke along with the many vivid characters in the “Death” series.  This series has been going strong since 1995 and now numbers to 30.  I challenge you to read the first, “Naked in Death” and not scramble to find the next.


2. Christine Feehan and the Dark Series

Christine Freehan has created an amazing montage of characters whose allure only gets stronger with time.  The series focuses on the Carpathian people and their never ending fight against the darkness.  With larger than life sexy men and the ethereal women who complement them this series is difficult to resist.  Warning once you start you will be hooked for life.  The beginning of the series is focused on the current Carpathian Prince and is wonderful human mate Raven in the Dark Prince.  This is one series no one should miss.  I have a hard time selecting just one of these men as the sexiest so I just drool over them all.


3. Carol Lynne and the City Series

If you like your taste of heaven a little on the steamy side then you must give the City series by Carol Lynne a try.  The hot M/M loving in the series can seriously sizzle.  I must also tell you that Carol Lynne is an excellent series writer with her series Campus Cravings and Cattle Valley providing more M/M action.


4. Janet Dailey and the Calder Saga

Janet Dailey has been writing for many years but my all time favorite series of hers is the Calder series.  This series will feed the soul of a reader who likes to experience the life span of characters which of course is me.  I love the cradle to grave concept of series writing that allows me to view the life span including children, friends, grandchildren, etc. The patriarch of the Calder series is Chase and starting out with This Calder Range you can see the long and winding road of his life and the lives of the people he touches.


5. Lauren Dane and the Witches Knot

The Charvez Witches are some of the strongest characters I have ever had the immense joy of meeting.  The characters in this series are truly some of the best I have ever read and their stories make for wonderful readings.  Each one brings its own season to the table and provides a unique flavor when blended with the rest will provide a tasty world to immerse a reader in.


6. John Simpson and the Condor Series

John Simpson explores a subject few have touched with his Condor series and the subject of a gay President.  Whether you think the world is ready or not the Condor Series is a must read.  If you truly like the world created in this series though you can go on to read his stories on the survival of gays serving their country under the shroud of don’t ask, don’t tell.


7. Lex Valentine and Tales of the Darkworld

There are no words for the amazing writing of Lex Valentine.  Her Tales of the Darkworld are absolutely fabulous.  Hot women, sexy men, sizzling m/m and erotic unforgettable paranormal characters are what makes this series heat the blood and sear the soul.


8. Jet Mykles and the men of Heaven Sent

One of my most favorite authors is Jet Mykles.  Her writing is supreme and should never be missed.  My all time favorite though is the Heaven Sent series; the first book, titled Heaven Sent, explores the lead singer Johnny and his man Tyler who swears he is straight, isn’t he?  HHHmmm I highly recommend this series as the outstanding writer carries the reader into a world of fame, fortune and the men who have both but are in need of someone to love.  Also Jet was bombarded by her fans, I am sure, and she has started a spin-off series, Indigo Knights, that starts with Squire.


9. Jory Strong and Supernatural Bonds

The Supernatural series by Jory Strong is hot, hot, hot.  I started with Trace’s Psychic and I was hooked beyond measure.  I scrambled to find the next thinking that there was no way she could top the heated romance between Trace and Aislinn but each book builds on and in some way tops the last.  If you like faeries, dragons and supernatural powers then Supernatural Bonds should be on the top of your must read list.


10. Sean Michael and the Hammer series

The Hammer series is not intended for the faint of heart.  If you like spicy BDSM and hot m/m loving then you must pick up any of the Hammer series, though I suggest you start with Bent.  Jim and his sexy master Marcus is a battle of wills between two men; one who knows what his man needs and the other who has no clue what he is getting into but unable to resist his man.  All of these characters are wonderful and spend their down time in the private club Hammer where they can be themselves and love their men they way they were intended.


11. Marisa Chenery and Wulf’s Den

If you like wolves and their hot stories then you should give Marisa Chenery and her Wulf’s Den series a bite.  I love Roxie and of course for a strong woman must comes a strong man, ahem wolf, alpha Beouwolf.  Each of these stories provides something a little extra and unique to the series.


12. Stormy Glenn and the Wolf Creek Pack

Stormy Glenn is an outstanding writer who has several series worth mentioning but if forced to select one I would say it is the Wolf Creek Pack. Nate and Joe from Full Moon Mating story of the series and only wet the reader’s appetite for hotter m/m loving.  As I said this would be the series I would pick if pressed to select one but I also follow her Lover’s of Alpha Squad, Tri Omega mates and Delta wolf are also tasty stories worth sinking your teeth into.


13. Stephani Hecht and The Drone Vampire Chronicles Series

I found this series quite by accident but after reading Blood Lust, Book 1, I was hooked.  Who can resist vampires and the people who love them? There is a prequel called Blood Fever, Blood Lust was the first book I read in this series.  Kane and his brothers are sexy vampires with attitude and it will only take someone with a strong disposition to handle them.  Come along for the ride and find out just how much strength it takes to handle these men and many more who will join the party.


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