Just how would you handle a naughty package delivered in a big brown box that you didn’t order? Now come on guys – you can’t tell me that you haven’t ordered something particularly spicy from a hot little internet sex toy store? Well, I have – only for research of course!  This is my first release and near and dear to my heart. Not only is it about my UPS delivery man, who is not only sexy as hell but a nice guy, but my husband not only gave me the idea for the story, he thought of the title. Can you imagine? And no, I haven’t told Al he has a story penned in his honor! Take a taste and tell me what you think. This is the one that’s up for a national award and I couldn’t be more proud!




It was fascinating how everything yummy seemed to come in plain brown wrapping. Indistinguishable. Just like the naughty little toys that Trista Rogers ordered for research for her erotic books, from her fantasy lover in chocolate brown – the UPS man. The dark cocoa hunk, Al Weatherby, had been on her hit list since he had taken over her route. Sometimes she ordered from the Internet just to tease him with her long red hair, creamy skin and naughty clothes when he arrived. Sadly, she had never tried anything with him…until one blustery fall day. Asking him inside for a frosty drink, the afternoon quickly turned…erotic. As sparks flew they both knew they wanted more. Or did they?

She planned another sinfully delicious event but another driver appeared, stating Al had disappeared. Nearly devastated, she had no idea what happened. Fortunately Trista quickly learned that the best surprises came in six foot something discrete brown boxes delivered on her doorstep. Al had everything under control. He brought his own special basket of toys…to help her with research of course and set out to use every one on her luscious body. Copious rounds of hot sex, a little voyeurism, bodacious amounts of experimentation and both Trista and Al knew deliveries would never be the same again.






“…Better yet, make sure you have a handsome stud or your significant other with you as you learn just how creative Al really is, how sizzling Trista’s own brand of seduction can be and a whole lot more. Depending on your wants and likes, you might find some of this painful, naughty or just plain exciting. For anyone that wants to read hot and spicy, you need to read this sensuous book by Cassandre Dayne. Make sure you are not alone!”



Trista felt like a juicy steak nestled on a silver platter. Her gaze fell to the bulge in his pants. She could easily tell his cock was pulsing against the thin material. There was no doubt he was burning hot and turned on as hell. She resisted the urge to reach out and slide her hand down his chest to cup his crotch. “Al, you okay?”


She smiled slyly and put her hand onto her hip. “How are you doing today, Al? Would you like to come in for a cold drink?” Or a wild little tryst between the sheets? Oh, down girl! Whew baby! Okay, so mixing business with pleasure was dangerous, but what the hell, she was a kinky girl, right? And she had waited far too long for this man. How many times had she thought about asking him out? Scaredy cat! Enough was enough. Trista wasn’t sure if he was dating anyone, but she had to try something, perhaps delicious decadent behavior.

Al shivered. “Um…that would be thoughtful. Whew, long day.”

“Come on in. Glad to be of service. I’m having a glass of wine. I know you’re still on duty but how about a cock…a Coke?” She stifled a giggle at her faux pas and grabbed a frosty can out of the fridge. “Glass?”

“Not necessary.” As he grabbed the slickened can, Al shifted his eyes slowly down from her face to the point that they just hovered over her breasts. Glancing up, he licked his lips and took a long sip, keeping his eyes locked on hers. “Oh, here’s your package. Unfortunately it’s only part of the order.” He set the brown parcel down on the large island.

She felt the sizzle of his gaze in direct correlation to her now dripping pussy. Oh boy, her panties were already soaked and she was only sharing a drink. “Oh pooh. Well, I guess you’ll be coming…back I mean.” Was she coming on to him? If her pointed nipples were any indication, she knew the answer and hell, so would he.

He swallowed hard, coughing violently. His fingers bent the can and Coke spewed and he tried to catch the drops with the back of his hand. “So, um Trista? I never asked you, what do you do?”

“I’m a writer.”

“Excellent, what do you write?”

“Oh, I write…saucy little stories mostly for women.” Every time she told a male that she wrote erotic stories, they instantly hit on her thinking she could perform all the acts she wrote about. Granted, as she stood staring at Al’s handsome face and the way his chiseled high cheekbones accentuated his full ruby lips, she had a feeling she could be sweet talked into doing every one of the wild fantasies she wrote about with him. “Yeah, you bring me tools of my trade that I order for research.” Tools of the trade? He brought her kinky little sex toys to use on a cold lonely night and couldn’t wait to see his reaction. Would that give her an indication that he was as wild and wicked as she was?

“Oh, that’s fascinating.” His face flushed, but he managed to smile and take another sip. “I’m sure that keeps you overheated…um, overworked!” He took another long gulp of the soda in his hand and this time experienced a full-fledged choke.

Overheated, huh? She knew he was in a state of arousal. Oh yeah. There was no mistaking his dick throbbing in those oh-so-skin-tight brown pants of his. Trista licked her lips wanting to explore his yummy, thick chocolate stick. Deciding there was no time like the present, she threw all caution to the wind and opened her mouth. “So Al, are you married or could a girl ask you out on a date or perhaps much more? Maybe a little sizzling afternoon nookie?”

The remnants of the Coke flew out of his mouth and all over her sweater. Beads of perspiration tricked down his cheeks. “I…uh…oh shit sorry!” He jumped into action, slamming the can down on the counter and grabbing her kitchen towel. With frantic hands, he began to rub her chest, gliding over each breast, gathering the remnants of the almost non-existent soft drink.

Trista purred. The closeness they shared sent the electricity humming around them into overdrive. She knew that he was about to do something irrational, totally sinful and she pushed. “Al? May I tell you that you are one hot and sexy hunk of a man?”

He stopped in mid action and slowly lifted his eyes.

“I’m serious.” Trista cooed.

Al growled slightly and dropped the towel but continued touching her. Caressing her. He grazed his hand over her fully erect nipple, cupping her breast and kneading her through the soft folds of the racy sweater. “Did anyone ever tell you that you are stunning?”





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