Things I’ve learned?  Keep in mind, I usually work 2 school-related jobs, subbing in 2 high school districts, and tutoring after school.  So my writing time during the school year is scant.  These last 8+ weeks of being at home have been like heaven for me! I’ve been self-publishing my orphan books, that I got the rights back to, when the publisher closed.  And I’ve been writing new books.

1–I really love to write!  I’ve been published for over 10 years, but I’ve never had this kind of time to write.  Or to edit.  Or to self-publish. I enjoy all facets of writing books, from the first ideas of the characters, to the actual writing of the scenes, to the editing that needs to be done, redone, and redone, trying to make the words flow in the readers’ minds, the way they flow in mine.

2–I still love action movies, TV shows, and books.  They are my favorites!  Husband and I have been re-watching the reboot (1990’s) of Mission Impossible, The Prisoner, and all of the James Bond movies we can find.  The only thing I’ve never liked is the role for females is usually so puny.  Either they’re rewards for the hero.  Or they’re damsels in distress, who need to be rescued before they get bedded by the hero.  Or they’re femme fatales, which means they’re evil, until the hero’s magic wang makes them hop into his bed–then either they’re killed by their irate boss, or by the hero.  I don’t want to identify with any of them!  I want to BE the secret agent with the mad skills!  So I wrote some books starring female spies.  Secret Lover, and Undercover Lovers (my only attempt, so far, at menage.).

I’ve self-published both of them, so go to my Smashwords author page, to read about them. You can download the first 20% free, before you buy.  And the first one in the series, Secret Lover, is on sale through the end of May for only $1.20!  But only if you buy directly from Smashwords.  If you have a kindle, download the Mobi version.  Send it to your kindle as an attachment to an email.  Amazon will email you, asking if you want it. Reply yes, and it will appear for you to read. If you regularly buy at other sites, like Barnes and Noble, or Apple, use these links to find these books:

Secret Lover–

Undercover Lovers–

Have you noticed a pattern for the questions?  Every other blog is excerpts.  The alternate ones are chatty, but have questions.  So the question for this post is: Which James Bond do you think is my favorite?  Which one is sophisticated and debonair enough to be believable as the ultimate panty-melter? If you want, you can tell me who your favorite is also, and why. I love to discuss hot, sexy men! I love to write them also!

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