I’m going to drop some random facts about myself here. Feel free to respond with some random facts about yourself. 😀

I am short.

I prefer 2% milk.

I must have access, at all times, to multiple tubes of Carmex.

I detest talking on the phone, especially in the morning. If you must convey information to me before noon, please do so in a text.

I am a book hoarder.

I love dogs.

I like cats.

I keep a secret list of baby names, even though I will have no more babies.

Researching ancient Egypt is a hobby.

I love learning new things.

I’m addicted to podcasts.

Recent events in my life could rival those of a Lifetime movie.

I am the baby of the family.

I detest wimps and whiners.

I am not a wimp, but sometimes I am a whiner.

I love being a 911 dispatcher.

I have no filter and a potty mouth.

I get a secret thrill from flawlessly wrapping a gift.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. Halloween is my second favorite.

My thoughts become clearer after midnight. That’s why I prefer working night shift.

I’m incredibly shy and hate meeting new people. After I’m comfortable with you, I act totally crazy.

I have a morbid sense of humor.

I am the ultimate list maker.

Want to know anything else? You can ask here or you can email me at beth@authorbethhale.com


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